Other GCI Training Courses

The Green Clean Institute offers various special educational programs that your organization may wish to offer to your staff or students.  As a truly independent organization without product loyalties, our courses are informative and useful for those in the cleaning services.  GCI certification is a non-biased reviews of the integrity of representations for Green and Healthy products or equipment.

Solve Sick Building Syndrome  EVS Medical Cleaning Indoor Air Quality Specialist   Product Certification 
Green Sanitizing
Train one or more of your key staff to provide free IAQ testing and offer the best process that not only sanitizes but returns any building to a healthy place for workers, staff, students, and patrons.
This premium service is easy to include in your service without extra labor cost.
EVS Medical Cleaning
An online twelve module series for cleaner of hospitals, medical offices, and care facilities.  Include bloodborne pathogens, PPE, and procedures that provide a safe and sanitized facility.
 Green University, Green Campus, Green college
Most Green cleaning programs are passive because they use a few Green products.  Until now, cleaning services have not been able to actually detect and solve sick building problems.
Green Product Certification
GCI is an Independent third-party that can validate the sincerity and fairness of claims made.  The GCI program is affordable, straight-forward, and provides a certification that consumers can trust for honest advertising.  
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Best Janitorial Directory in Florida

Google for Cleaning ServicesFind the best janitorial service in Florida and other states.  If the Internet is important to your business, you already know how fickle the search engines can be.  So, your cleaning service may be lost in a sea of over-hype ads.  

To get above the fray, you could pay for Google ads to get a Google Page One position, but it is still uncertain if the cost is worth the monthly tab.  So, if your company wants to be listed on a Google Page One for your state, and Google Page One for your city; you may want to get our free listing on Best Janitorial Directory that is called a Mega-Site for Janitorial services.

Worcester City Hall Earns the Green Cleaned Building Award

Worchester City HallNot all buildings are built as Green or efficient.  New buildings can include the latest designs and energy-saving features.  The cost to renovate older buildings can be prohibitive and interrupt business for months and years.  So, we asked the question, "What can any building do to improve the Green and Healthy aspect of new or older buildings by simply transitioning existing factors within the building?"

Transitioning to safer, healthier, and Greener operations can be: pest control, recycling trash, and cleaning services.  Could Greening a Building be accomplished in intermediate stages?  Like many lifestyle processes, Green and Healthy practices are not only progressive but they are part of the ongoing efforts.

Advertise your Cleaning Service

Cleaning TruckYour vehicles are literally a mobile sign.  At some point, you will want a wrap or signs on your vehicles, so we suggest that you add the positive impact of the Green Clean Institute to you company cars, vans, and traucks.  If your company has earned the GCI Silver Firm certification, you can then purchase our 6" vinyl seals for the vehicles.  If you want a larger GCI seal, we have the seals in a vector file.  

Want more?  If any account serviced by your GCI Green Firm service can confirm that the basic Green Cleaning Protocols are in place, we offer the GCI "Green Cleaned" door seal that will impress workers and the public of your company's superior efforts to provide a "Green and Healthy Building"

Training Workers for Large Janitorial Operations

Green Cleaning for large cleaning servicesThe Green Clean Institute understand the challenges of large cleaning operations.  Worker turn over is a constant issue, so training is an ongoing issue.  Firms can offer monthly training sessions that often turn into organizational meetings with a smattering of training.  We have a much better idea.  The Green Clean Institute has moved our online training to fantastic video training with a professional instructor.  By making it a requirement to complete the Basic Cleaning and GCI Green Technician Technician courses, the company has laid an important foundation that promotes positive motivation and a sense of mission for the work they do.  Nothing else compares to the values, insights, and information every worker gets from our online courses.