Other GCI Training Courses

The Green Clean Institute offers various special educational programs that your organization may wish to offer to your staff or students.  As a truly independent organization without product loyalties, our courses are informative and useful for those in the cleaning services.  GCI certification is a non-biased reviews of the integrity of representations for Green and Healthy products or equipment.

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Green Sanitizing
Getting new hires is a constant chore for any cleaning service.  We direct our partner workforce agencies to use US4M.com for an entry-level jobs.  Get lists for a one-time $100 payment and we will continue to promote your company in your city to find new workers ready to work.
Green Floor
Floors are a universal problem and require some very non-Green products to maintain them.  We are now introducing an amazing video course that will improve your results and open new doors of revenue.
 Green University, Green Campus, Green college
Most Green cleaning programs are passive because they use a few Green products.  Until now, cleaning services have not been able to actually detect and solve sick building problems.
Green Product Certification
GCI is an Independent third-party that can validate the sincerity and fairness of claims made.  The GCI program is affordable, straight-forward, and provides a certification that consumers can trust for honest advertising.  
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CoverTec Floor Care Products are Green Certified

Green Hard Floor CareOf the worst offending cleaning products doing harm to the indoor air quality of a building, floor care products are some of the worst.  In fact, most floor cleaning products have not change for more than a decade, and the idea of Green cleaning products has been disappointing.  Until now, that is.  CoverTec has slowly and methodically developed a line of hard floor care products that are not only superior to the traditional floor care alternative, but are some of the Greenest on the market.

The Green Clean Institute has awarded the CoverTec floor care products the GCI Green Product certification.  We are very proud to announce this line of products as our team has been working on a Green Floor Technician certification course that is sorely needed by the cleaning and floor service sector.  

Google Page One for your Janitorial Service

Janitorial DirectoryLet's get real.  There are hundreds of janitorial websites cluttering up the Internet search engines.  Unless you are paying hefty fees for Google ads, your website is buried on page four where no one cares.

The Green Clean Institute is promoting Green Clean certified services to the PAGE ONE of Google and other search engines.  Best Janitorial Directory is the results of hundreds of hours of SEO and SEM promotion that has cost GCI thousands of dollars.

Nationally Recognized Green Product Certification

Green Product CertificationIt is amazing to realize that the Green Clean Institute has been training tens of thousands of cleaning service providers and certified numerous Green product over our twenty year history.

During a recent visit to a massive landfill in Florida that is one of 2600 MSW landfills in our country, I was again impressed with the value of what we do to minimize waste, reduces the drain of resources, and improves the health of people in the community.  The actual value of Going Green and Sustainable is not a small consideration.  Trash is an issue that each of us need to address, but product manufacturers are critically important to the overall scheme to reduce the trash output.

Proud to Be Green Clean Certified

Flor's CleaningWe would like to recognize our growing GCI Certified membership of Green Certified Firms.  Flor's Cleaning in Ft. Myers. FL is a proactive, very professional, cleaning company that has a full commitment to Green cleaning.  This commitment shows on every level.  

Flor's Cleaning has been a GCI Green Certified firm for more than five years; and if you follow them on Facebook, you will discover that Flor's Cleaning brings their very best to every residential and commericial account.  

Training Workers for Large Janitorial Operations

Green Cleaning for large cleaning servicesThe Green Clean Institute understand the challenges of large cleaning operations.  Worker turn over is a constant issue, so training is an ongoing issue.  Firms can offer monthly training sessions that often turn into organizational meetings with a smattering of training.  We have a much better idea.  

The Green Clean Institute has moved our online training to fantastic video training with a professional instructor.  By making it a requirement to complete the Basic Cleaning and GCI Green Technician Technician courses, the company has laid an important foundation that promotes positive motivation and a sense of mission for the work they do.  Nothing else compares to the values, insights, and information every worker gets from our online courses.