About Our Team of Professionals

Green and Healthy Building Partnership

As the Green Clean Institute enters its twefth year, we are pleased to have grown in many ways.  We have seen staff changes, upgraded our courses to video, and added new ideas to bring great value to every community.  Now, we offer the GHBP point system that finally demonstrates what Green cleaning really means.

Candace is the Director of Operations and has been the pleasant voice answering calls throughout the day, and handling computer operations and data management.  She has been with the company since the inception and works hard to assure that the promises made are fulfilled.  The system has changed over the years, and as we move into 2017, the website, the infrastructure, and the systems have been upgraded.  Our courses have evolved to be the best opportunity to create a better cleaning service where it counts: the people doing the work.

A Woman-Owned Company

"As a Registered Nurse, I know the power of Green cleaning like few others.  I have seen my peers struggle with late-in-life illnesses that we now know are connected to cleaning chemicals and poor cleaning practices.  Over the years, we have trained hundreds of cleaning organizations, and we have greatly improved every aspect of the operation."

The GCI Green and Healthy Building Partnership is also a powerful idea whose time has come.  We have adopted the mission statement of "Education followed by Implementation", so the big question was how to take the great ideas found in our courses to the actual work done in thousands of buildings.  So, we are opening the door to those dedicated cleaning firms who want to do more than make empty promises.

Our mission is training, certification, and better management for cleaning services.  Essentially, the Green Clean Institute is an industry-wide certification that works to raise the standard for the industry.  The first step in any certification program is training.  To that end, we have online courses and we work with various training centers to provide live classes.  

We have three groups of certifications: Individuals and firms, Green and Healthy Building Partnership (GHBP), and Green Product certifications.  Thus, we have a third-party process for integrity and professionalism in cleaning and janitorial services.  Each program has reasonable and proper steps to earn a recognized certification.

GCI Green Cleaning Firm Certification:  Is earn by completing online or live classes for that certification

GCI Green and Healthy Building Partnership: Uses a checklist to demonstrate implementation of Green cleaning

Green Product Certification:  An earned certification based on a simple criteria for a Green and Heathy product.

INTERNATIONALLY, the Green Clean Institute has cleaning organization in Canada, England, Norway, Peru, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.  
If English is not a barrier to educating the staff, the GCI curriculum can be applied anywhere in the world.