Buying an Ozone Generator Tip

There are a lot of ozone generator promoters on the Internet.  Making the right choice for an ozone generator is not easy.  But, there is a way to "Cut through the Crap" and find a reliable ozone generator.  The key question is "Where is it Built?"  All ozone machine promoters brag ad-nauseam about how great their machines are, how much the output, or how big the fan is.  This is a bit of a smoke screen.  So, cutting to the real issues often comes down to where the machines are built.

Many ozone machines are built in China.  While this produces a low price, there is a larger price to pay.  The units are not well built and won't last.  Worst yet, when they break down or lose power, how are they serviced when the company is in China?  China loves to export goods to United States without consequence.  When the unit fails, you are forced to buy another, and another.  The initial cost is obviously more attractive than the cost of maintaining the unit.

The second "Where was it built?" question relates to U.S. built equipment that is built in a garage or make-shift building.  The basics of ozone generation is not rocket science, so any enterprising person with a knowledge of electrical wiring can build an ozone machine.  The real question is the quality of the ozone machine and the support for the machine after that garage builder goes out of business.  

We also highlight the "Hacked Ozone Generators" that cost-cutting builders use to quickly create an ozone generator from a fan, blower, or vacuum.  Or the unit built from a sewer drainage box, but dressed up with labels and attachments.  A reliable machine is first n engineering project, secondly a quality-control issue, and thirdly about knowing how to build a unit that lasts longer than the inferior systems.

We endorse Professional Ozone ( as the best professional ozone generator for those looking for a reliable ozone generator.  The fabrication of these units are 100% American, and the fabrication plants are fully apparent.  The design was developed by a project of engineers and professional ozone applicators to produce an ozone generator that is reliable and easy to maintain.

Ozone is a Green concept as ozone is converted from normal O2 oxygen, and the ozone reverts to normal O2 after about thrity minutes.  So, this is a renewal and effective resource that can be used by trained and professional services.