EVS Technician - Medical Cleaning Course

EVS for Medical CleaningCleaning has never been as important as it is in the medical sector.  EVS refers to an Environmental Service, and in this case, the cleaning staff must step up to the high standards required by hospitals and medical facilities.

The GCI EVS Technician course is a twelve module course designed for the busy, but committed, cleaning staff who clean the hospital, therapy and treatment facilities, and medical building across our land.

This course is for everyone on the cleaning team.  Take the online course online or in weekly or monthly sections.  There is a final test at the end required for certification.

EVS Cleaning Technician can be taken as a scheduled class or by individuals, because it accommodate a flexible schedule.  The $175 fee includes test, certification, and 24/7 online access.  To offer the EVS course as a group training with 12 installments, contact our office for group rates.

We now also include the GCI Green Infection Control that further addresses the more recent concerns of COVID-19 and similar emerging infectious diseases.

$175 per person