GCI Certifies Earthstone International Products

Scrubbing and cleaning corroded or burned-on ingredients presents a different kind of challenge.  In many cases, the person doing the cleaning will reach for the strongest cleaning ingredient they can find.  After all, who stops to think if there is a Green and sustainable cleaning product from the odd and difficult problems we may encounter.  Earthstone International has taken on the challenge with an innovative idea that really works.

When you ask where we find the most caustic and harmful products in the cleaning arena, we know that grills, cooking areas, toilet bowls, and even water-stained areas require tedious, hard scrubbing or really strong acid or alkaline products.  

Cleaning with pumice is a good idea since there is an abundance of this in our world, it works great without chemical additives, and there is no pollution going into our waterways.  Pumice, however, is find powder, so it may not be a convenient solution when you need to scrub a large and irregular area.  Earthstone International product as the right solution for several particularly difficult cleaning problems.

Earthstone International products have been approved as a Green and sustainable product by the Green Clean Institute for several years.  The company is more than a profit-driven operation, but knows that it has a fantastic idea and a mission within key segments of the cleaning world.  Undoubtedly, uses for the pumice tools offered by Earthstone will probably go beyond cleaning grills.