Green and Healthy Building Partnership

Green Building CertificationFinally, there is a simple way to determine if a cleaning service or commercial building is making strides using well-established steps for a Green and healthy building.  By now, we know what the critical items are, and now there is a quick way to evaluate a building using the GHBP point system developed by the Green Clean Institute. GHBP is a higher standard than our "Green Cleaned" building option.  

So Where does Green Cleaning Start?

Frankly, it starts with the workers who do the work and the tools and products they use.  The Green Clean Institute offers online video EDUCATION for all frontline workers.  There are six, twenty-minute videos and an online test at the end.  Workers can be trained 24/7 throughout the year using a smart phone, tablet, computer, or large screen for groups.

The next step is obvious, and that is IMPLEMENTATION of the key elements of Green cleaning throughout the year.  And, the GHBP point system easily shows the path of easy improvements that the trained and certified workers are equipped to apply.

How GHBP Works:

Use a smart phone or computer to list the building your company services at  Not all your accounts are prime candidates (they may be better for the "Green Cleaned" option.  Your better accounts will like the ability to literally see the power and impact of a Green and Health Building.  Once the building is enrolled, just press the buttons for all applicable practices used in the building.  Points tally at the top; and when 350 points are reached, we provide the Green and Healthy Building Partnership award.

Or, download the PDF form and complete the points anytime:  (Download GHBP points PDF)

There is no mystery.  The program is 100% transparent and verifiable by all.  Audits assure that abuses are not possible.  The software is free use, and there is a $495 charge for the award.  Frankly, the fee is a small cost for the ability to have recognition of a Green and Healthy building by the Green Clean Institute.  The public relations value should not be overlooked, and remember this is all done in real time and in a fully transparent manner.  Finally, Greenwashed claims are blown away because the service can now measure the real value of the Green cleaning program.

Value Cut-Rate Services Cannot Match

If you look on the Internet, you will see every cleaning service claims to be a Green cleaning service.  What if you could do a real-time evaluation of the building showing that it rates low on the GHBP scale, and your service could bring the building to a healthy level for employees using the elements found in the GHBP software?  Let's stop the Greenwashed games by pretend-Green cleaning services who make healthy building a empty promise.  

Every cleaning service now have a roadmap and clear steps to build a progressively Green and healthy cleaning service, and prove their worth by the GHBP point system from the Green Clean Institute, and offer a publicly-transparent Green and Healthy Building Partnership award for buildings that care about the short-term and long-term health of their workers.

Green and Healthy Cleaning ServiceAny service can clean (more or less), but Green cleaning is a "Value Added" that is not delivered by typical cleaning services.  And, it literally starts with the cleaning services.  Most buildings are past the building stage where materials are an issue.  They have already looked at energy savings and recycling program.  The persistence of "Toxic Buildings" is now a regulatory and litigation matter.  The EPA, OSHA, OOEC, and Department of Labor is raising the issue of workplace issue for chemical sensitivities and environmental illness.

Cleaning for appearance is yesterday's standard.  Today, we clean for Health first, and Appearance second.  Once the company has taken the GCI Green Cleaning Technician training, the GHBP software is a fantastic reminder and help to follow through on the Best Practices for cleaning.  (Download GHBP points PDF)