Green College and University Program

Green Cleaning Service College and UniversityThe GCI Green College/University project mirrors our GCI Green City project.  The process focuses on the core protocols of Green cleaning to qualify building by building according to a checklist.  Progress is transparent and allows your existing maintenance staff to implement Green cleaning protocols and qualify buildings that improve the healthy status of buildings, the campus, and students and staff.

Sustainable - Transparent - Green and Healthy Buidings

A trained, educated and your professional staff are crucial for continuity of the buildings on campus.  After buildings are built and furnished, the daily duties of cleaning can totally compromise the health and safety of the facility.  Under the guideline now imposed by OSHA and Department of Labor under ADA and EEOC, buildings must meet higher standards for cleaning.  Cleaning for appearance is always necessary, but cleaning for health is the new and better standard.  

With all types of health on campus, the cleaning service can literally cause health issues for those with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, environmental illness, and weakened immune systems.  The cleaning service is very much a part of the cause or solution for health problems for vulnerable students and staff.

The Green Clean Institute is pleased to partner with many schools, colleges, and universities to further develop their Green and Healthy cleaning services.  To get started, make your selection below and complete the payment process.  Our office will forward the links to start your online training as soon as possible.  

One Person 20 or Less People 21-50 People 51-100 People

... $150 USD

... $360 USD

... $540 USD

... $1200 USD

It is easy to upgrade all your staff with the online video training from the Green Clean Institute.  All "New Hires" should be required to take the GCI Basic Cleaning course.  Then, every person on the cleaning crew should take the GCI Green Cleaning Technician video course.  This training is available 24/7/365 by Internet access by smartphone, iPad, computer, or big screen for group sessions.  There are six twenty minutes videos that conclude with an online test and certification.

Green campus and Green UniversityIt is obvious that training and certification is the foundation of a Green and healthy campus, classroom, or dorm.  The consistency and follow-through of the GCI Green Technician training is how the program is sustained throughout the year.  And, worker skills improve by additional courses we offer during the year.

After the training, your facility can work on implementing the Green Cleaning concepts for key buildings.  Using our online Green Cleaned Building review, it is possible to qualify a building as a "Green Cleaned Building" by using our app to evaluate and confirm the "Best Practices for Green Cleaning" in a simple program that we verify by a Skype inspection.  

We are happy to answer questions, guidance, and possible schedule a live class for your workers.  Please contact our office at (815) 793-7043 or email: