IAQ and the Cleaning Service

Ten years ago "Going Green" meant buying Green cleaning products, HEPA sweepers, and boasting on the Internet.  The concerns for a Green and Healthy business was a passive effort that cleaning services adopted without any assurance that the building indoor air quality issues would improve.  Now, it is possible to evaluate the IAQ condition and actually restore the Healthy building IAQ status without interrupting your tight cleaning routine.

In 2021, the Green Clean Institute has teamed with the National Air Quality Institute to promote an exicting program to cleaning services.  By training one or more persons as IAQ Specialist, you can offer free IAQ testing to existing and new customers and deliver a premium service that will actually mitigate poor indoor air quality.

We know that 60-70% of buildings hold semi-toxic or toxin air problems.  We also know that over 30% of workers, staff, students, and patrons are suffering from some form of allergy, chemical sensivity, or respiratory condition that is made worse by poor indoor air quality.  But ... what are we doing about it?  

As a cleaning service, you may already offer other services.  Why not add one more income-boosting service?  A monthly treatment of any sick or typical building can greatly improve the indoor air quality and immediately benefit the workers inside.

Regardless of what you might think, the ability to test indoor air quality is simple and quick.  Adn the ability to solve sick building conditions is now equally simple.  The tools are affordable test meters, our IAQ Specialist training, and a monthly fogging program that is Green and highly effective to solve many common IAQ problems ... including a professional hospital-grade sanitizing benefit.