IAQ Assessor Course

IAQ Assessor for Commercial buildingsThe world is rapidly changing, and we have seen the need for varous service types to include indoor air testing and consulting in conjunction with what they already offer.  The latest introduction of affordabld test equipment, health awareness, and OSHA regulation will make IAQ assessment a new challenge for businesses and homes.  This is an emerging service that can effectively fit into many community service types, including janitorail services.  The ongoing need to monitor, test, and suggest basic steps for a healthy workplace is now part of the Department of Labor requirements. 

Janitorial services, building inspectors, HVAC professionals, and other building services should provide solutions to real problems.  It is estimated that more that 80% of buildings have poor indoor air quality, and that 30% have complaining employees.  The fact is that poor indoor air quality hurts worker productivity, increases medical claims, causes more sick day demands, and contributes to chronic illness in the long term of a otherwise productive life.

Of late, the Department of Labor, OSHA, and ADA have come together to regulate indoor air quality with a set of metrics that should be addressed to prevent complaints, regulatory action, or expensive litigation.  Here's the shocker.  Chemical and Environmental sickness is now a recognized disability that can bring fines, intrusive demands, and costly litigation to any company.  The best liability protection is to bring in a trained professional to routinely test the condition, record the progress, and offer basic guidance to improve the indoor air quality.

Sick Building SyndromeEvery workplace has a mix of healthy and semi-healthy workers.  What bothers a few, but not the majority, is a indication of an unhealthy concern that can often be resolved without costly modifications.  We find that chemical tolerance varies in any group.  Some are able to ignore what causes serious impact on others.  Regulations now favor the more vulnerable in the group, and require active accomodation of the health issues of vulnerable worker.

The proactive business will find it very helpful to have the assistance of professional trained indoor air quality assessors who will identify potential liabilities and cultivate the modest steps to provide a healthy workplace.  Contrary to common belief, the role of an Indoor air Quality Assessor is not difficult, and can be added to the services your maintenance service offers.  Or, why not put this "Added Value" into the benefits your cleaning service can add to the service?

Indoor air quality has been the domain of high-tech specialists with expensive test equipment.  Now that the key items are detailed by DOL and OSHA, there is a known track to follow.  And, very good test equipment cost a few hundred dollars backed by easy access to testing labs when needed.

The Green Clean Institute now offers the IAQ Assessor training as a service that can be added to any maintenance service.  This course is 100% online and available 24/7.  In addition to vital and meaningful training insturction, the equipment and products are explained, and the OSHA/DOL regulations are made simple to understand.  Upon completion, the Green Clean Institute will provide an IAQ Assessor certification with OSHA compliance consulting included.  This is generally a paid service that can enhance your company's value or increase income from existing accounts as an "Add-on Service".

Be the first to add OSHA compliance assistance to your operation.  Companies do not have the time or understanding to address this mandated workplace demand.  When this is offered and explained, it can add real value to your company's offering and increase company revenues.

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