Indoor Air Quality Compliance Service

Workplace SicknessA "Compliance Service" is not representing OSHA or the Department of Labor.  As the law states, the employer has a DUTY to avail themselves of health and safety training programs as Secretary requires.  This duty is not optional, but might be ignored at the risk of the employer.  The risk is from both regulatory and litigation actions against the employer.  But, taking action in advance of a complaint is a part of "Risk Management" for any company.  Under the rules, an employer can hire a service to educate and assist in the compliance of these new regulations.

Environmental illness and chemical sensitivity is an emerging issue that is far more prevalent than most think.  However, every business of any size will find that one or several are struggling with persistent issues of workplace headaches, eye irritation, lethargy, afternoon fatigue, allergic reactions, and mystery illnesses at the workplace that are not experienced elsewhere.

The IAQ issue is real though the cause may be vague.  It is only by following a simple review of known IAQ threats and simple testing that the causes are found and resolved.  In the end, the company lowers litigation and regulatory risks, improves worker productivity, and has the confidence that it is providing a safe and healthy workplace.

With all the claims of Green cleaning services, the fact is that many buildings are not healthy.  That is because the cleaning may be the foundation of a healthy building, but there are a dozen other concerns that can destroy the healthy condition.  It could be floor stripping and finishing, sanitizing efforts during contagious infections, use of pesticides, or the use of fragrances.  

Poor air quality is most often the result of NEGLECT than it is by some bad process in the building.  Yet, neglect, like ignorance is no excuse.  It is an open door for regulatory fines and unwanted litigation.

The solution is the engagement of a service that will routinely test, document, and offer guidance to gradually improve the air quality of any building.  We have the key elements mapped out per the DOL, and it is now a minor adjustment to bring a building to a much improved IAQ in a year's time.

By providing an IAQ Assessor to your service, your company can easily provide the guidance needed to comply with the regulations and avoid potential litigation.  This course includes all equipment (purchased from easy-access sources), products, documents needed, and guidance on how the service is provided.

The Fee of the IAQ Assessor course is $499, which includes the support of trained assessor by a GCI professional.  See Curriculum

This course is offered 100% online.  A certificate will be sent by mail upon completion. There is an online test at the end which may be taken more than once.  Though the course is comprehensive, the material is easily understood, practical, and should not be difficult for the student.

We believe that this is a service that can be added to any cleaning program.   The fees and manner of use is something that can be adapted to fit your current services.

Serious Green cleaning services should happily embrace the opportunity to improve the health quotient of their accounts and prove their value via this service.

Online IAQ Assessor Course