Janitorial New Employee Training

We all know that turn-over is a common problem for any janiorial operation.  Replacing managers, team leader, and workers has the effect of "Dumbing Down" the workforce.  And, the "Follow Me" system of training new workers is a sure way to degrade worker competitency and motivation.  The Green Clean Institute has long advocated that training workers should be a constant commitment.  In 2018, we took our online courses to video with 24/7 on-demand access.

Here is the very best way to maintain a fantastic level of professionalism and motivation.  Every worker, including management and team leaders, should take the Basic Cleaning video course.  This is a true orientation course for cleaning service workers.  Of course, you could take the time to go over the basics for workers for your service, but here is the best way to make sure your workers hear the same important information that lays the foundation for a good worker.

Next, we have the GCI Green Cleaning Technician training that is a great and interesting, six video course that workers take in 20 minute increments according to their schedule.  Or, use the six modules in a group setting to insure that workers get full benefit of the training.

Janitorial trainingOur fantastic trainer is Frank.  He makes the training interesting with the support information that will help employees feel empowered and driven by a mission.  And, by popular demand, the GCI Green Cleaning Technician courses are in English and Spanish.  We chose sic 20 minute videos because they fit the busy schedule of workers.  Use the videos any way you like.  Individuals can take the six modules and final test to earn their certification, or bring in workers 30 minutes early to take the six modules as a group.

New workers need not be left out.  The video courses are ON DEMAND, meaning any worker can take the courses any time through the year.  By the way, we send the certificates to your office, so you know who has taken the training and who is lagging behind.  Make both the Basic Cleaning course and GCI Green Cleaning Technician course a mandate for all workers, management and workers.  This allows the whole company to get ON MISSION and work in sync with the best practices for Green Cleaning.