CoverTec Floor Care Products are Green Certified

Green Hard Floor CareOf the worst offending cleaning products doing harm to the indoor air quality of a building, floor care products are some of the worst.  In fact, most floor cleaning products have not change for more than a decade, and the idea of Green cleaning products has been disappointing.  Until now, that is.  CoverTec has slowly and methodically developed a line of hard floor care products that are not only superior to the traditional floor care alternative, but are some of the Greenest on the market.


The Green Clean Institute has awarded the CoverTec floor care products the GCI Green Product certification.  We are very proud to announce this line of products as our team has been working on a Green Floor Technician certification course that is sorely needed by the cleaning and floor service sector.  

Consider a floor stripper that is not a high pH solvent, but uses microbes that actually outperform those dangerous, high pH products.  This very special microbial blend not only removes that old finish, but goes deep into the material to rejuvenate the original color and look of the substrate.   This is not only about stripping and putting a new finish on an old, tarnished floor.  CoverTec products can restore the color and look of tile, ceramic, concrete, terrazzo, quarry stone, pavers, and even vinyl and wood floors.

In addition, the CoverTec process offers a superior maintenance program that allows the finish to last as long as two years.  Follow the program and you may find that the cost of floor maintenance will decrease even as the luster and durability of your floors last longer.  In the end, customer are delighted to discover that the cost of maintaining their hard floors goes down while the quality of their floors last longer.

The Green Clean Inistitute is also announcing one of our more important Green cleaning certification courses in years.  In addition to our Green Infection Control, we are offering two options for the Green Floor Care Technician course.

We will be offering the live, one-day certification course on September 14th in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area.  For those who can't make it, we are offering the same course by onlive video.  The advantage of the live class is the hands-on option and closer look at products, which are demonstrated in our video training.  

The GCI Green Floor Care Technician course (live class) is limited to ten attendees to product the full benefit of the program.  Please contact the Green Clean Institute to lock in your seat(s).   (815) 790-7043