GCI Courses Offers

New for 2018, the Green Clean Institute offers a powerful set of professional, online, video courses that make it a simple task to certify your cleaning staff and develop a truly Green Cleaning service.  This innovation is fantastic for BSC or in-house cleaning programs because it is easily integrated into any size operation.

Professional video courses allow you to offer the training in a group setting with only a big screen display and an Internet connection.  Or, the courses may be taken individually on a 24/7 basis.  How simple is that?  And, we are adding the Spanish videos shortly after the English videos are finished the first of January 2018.  

Green Clean TechnicianThere are six video modules that are sequential.  The training allows for the user to schedule the training as time allows.  The test at the end notifies our office that the students have gone through the course and understand the basic of Green cleaning.  Each person gets there own parchment certificate creating pride in their work.  Plus, we include a very cool uniform patch that adds to the value of your service.

Train your existing workforce, then make the GCI Green Cleaning Technician part of your new hire requirements.  We even offer an elective video called "Basic  Training for Professional Cleaning".  No charge for active GCI firms.  We like to help you improve your program with serious education and third-party certification.  After all, we know that the best changes come from a team effort to provide the Best Practices in cleaning services.

Green Clean Technician One

Green Cleaning Technician video one

"Understanding the Green cleaning mission is more important than the products you use.  When the team is committed to the cause, the results will follow"

Topics in these Videos

The Real Meaning of Green
Fighting the Time Crunch
The New Mission Statement

Best Practices & Quality of Life
Getting the Most Value

Greenwashing Mistakes
Nedless Cleaning Mistakes
Terms that Have Value

Dwell Time & Efficiencies
Frangrance and Color

What to Do with Dust & Dirt
Door Mats & Maintenance

Identifying Green Products
Organic, Natural, Biodegradable

Health as a Priority
Equipment & Tools

The Bioload and Biofilm
Levels of Sanitizing
Indoor Air Quality

Allergies, Asthma, Chemical Sensitivity
Liabilities & Business Concerns

Building Related Illness
Sick Building Syndrome
Acute and Chronic Exposures

Tools and Solutions

Three P’s of Green and Healthy Cleaning

pH and Health

Green Factors

Reading, understanding and Using Safety Data Sheets

Personal Protective Equipment
Biohazard Reporting

The Genesis of Janitorial
Examples of Failure

Green Cleaning Technician Two

Green Cleaning Technician video two

"The 'Orange Era' is over.  We now see Green concepts going mainstream, and we now see Green products, tools, and equipment that increase efficiency and value."

Green Cleaning Technician Two

Green Cleaning Technician video three

"Going Green means there will be changes, but they need not add time or cost to the job.  The amazing truth is that Green can speed up the work and still improve the job."

Green Cleaning Technician Three

Green Cleaning Technician video four

"Understanding the Green cleaning mission is more important than the products you use.  When the team is committed to the cause, the results will follow"

Green Cleaning Technician five

Green Cleaning Technician video five

"In the end, the Green cleaning service does more than 'Clean for Appearance'.  We improve the health of the building and impact the productivity of the workforce."

Green Cleaning Technician six

Green Cleaning Technician video six

"Going Green is often incremental.  It starts with a trained and commited workforce, and then has its best impact when implemented with building your company services."

New CEU Courses Added every Year Train your Existing Staff and New Hires 100% Video for Class or Individual