Offer more than Green Cleaning. Improve Indoor Air Quality

We now offer the IAQ Specialist course for Cleaning Services

The realm of indoor air quality is not the simple domain of HVAC services, Mold Remediators, or Air Duct Cleaning services.  It should be clear that it take more than filtration and clean air ducts to solve a sick or polluted building.  In fact, the major IAQ issues are infectious disease, toxic or polluted air, and the amazing combination of particulates that can badly impact workers, students, and patrons.

70% of buildings have a mild to serious air quality problem.  30% of all workers are suffering real harm from these buildings, but everyone will be harmed by a sick building in years to come.

By training one or more key workers with the IA Specialist course, your service could add a highly-effective service that takes only minutes to apply and provide several great IAQ benefits.  

Look!  Here's the critical question.  "Why pay for ONE BENEFIT or sanitizing,
when you could get FIVE BENEFITS for the same money?"

Professional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing service
Professional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing serviceProfessional Sanitizing service

Our program includes simple testing to discover the causes of the building IAQ problems.  The testing is simple, the report is convincing, and the treatment does not add to the actual workload of the cleaning team.  So far, the cleaning services offered only passive Green options that we hoped would improve the air quality.  Now, your service can add a basic treatment that does more than the high-paid services offering professional sanitizing and air filtration.  

Our service is fast, efficient, and very effective.  Most building can be treated in about an hour, and there is no odd or chemical smell left behind.  


Business PackageThe IAQ Specialist Course is 100% online

  • A comprehensive IAQ Study covering all indoor air quality issues
  • Eight online videos modules with supporting text and download
  • Online testing and certification by GCI and NAQI
  • Instructions for testing and reporting results
  • The highly-effective treatment that can be applied in minutes
  • Treatment solves multiple problems and actually solve Sick Building Syndrome
  • Moisture probe to localize hidden 90 Days of training guidance, updates, and live calls to assure your success

Actually, cleaning services are the perfect process to provide professional sanitizing and solve existing air quality issues.  And, it really isn't that complicated.  As you might expect, everything we teach promotes a Green and Healthy building.

This course introduces that requirements of DOL and OSHA that require this kind of service for all types of business.

Contact Candace at the Green Clean Institute to easily install the IAQ Specialist for your service.

In our post-COVID-19 era, we should now know the important of airborne threats.  But, th common cleaning and sanitizing program only treats surfaces.  In addition, typical cleaning services do very little to reverse the damage done by decade of pesticides, polishes, offgassing, fragrances, pollution, toxins, mold, and mold problems.  

The IAQ Specialist is the perfect ADD-ON service.  The service is quickly applied at the end of the cleaning cycle with very little interruption to the work schedule.  And there is nothing more Green and Healthy than a building that is actually circulates healthy air.

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