Ripped off by PS Buildings

PS Business Park RipoffMaybe we should all just hang our head and take the beating when some company uses a myriad of legal tricks and premeditated twists and turns to abuse their customers.  We had the unpleasant experience of renting storage space from PS Building Parks.  This multi-tiered system of ill-concerned service people make every part of the renting experience difficult and hostile.  Frankly, we told the realtor that we were ready to walk away from the deal, but stuck it out with his encouragement.  Big mistake!

Let me warn anyone who is thinking about renting from PS Business Parks to look elsewhere.  Seriously, rent anywhere else unless you like abuse and losing money.  

After a year's lease was over, we vacated the building and painted the walls as requested, swept and cleaned the floors.  We expected that there was a measure of good faith that our $1137.50 deposit would be returned as we paid every month on time and were great tenants.  

PS Building Parks found unique and curious ways to deduct charges that were ridiculous.  After all a $408.45 "Move Out Reconciliation" charge was both unexplained, unmerited, and we feel absolutely dishonest.  Buried in the stunning long contract to rent a basic concrete and block warehouse were obscure and unexplained phrases that they now happily shake in your face saying, "You should have read the contract."

That is cold, craftily engineered, and intended to disenfranchise the consumer from what he paid for the deposit in good faith that that money was only to insure that damages would be covered.  In this case, there were no damages.  There is no such thing as "Move Out Reconciliation" except what can be insidiously crafted by shifting numbers and terms to pretend that it is real.

What to do?  Okay, there's the Better Business Bureau, various ripoff report forms, small claims court, and social media.  So, maybe the "Pound of Flesh" can only be effected by telling the other sheep out there to avoid the money trap that is PS Business Parks.  Others are certainly out there who may add their voices.  

For those who search PS Business Parks, take to heart the words, "Buyer Beware".  When huge corporations greedily add to their millions in profits your $408.45 that they could pry from your fingers because they have legal leverage, they are not worthy of respect or your business.  It would be better to give $408.45 to an adoption agency than to know that that amount barely paid for gas in the yatch of some PS Business Parks executive.  

As a business person, we take pride in how we treat people.  Frankly, we won't take a dime that isn't done in fair trade.  There is a fateful, divine wind that will return evil for evil in a time that is appropriate which is not for me to determine.  But, for that idle moment when fate whispers, Mr. PS Business Parks, those ill-gotren pennies will be poor solace.